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Wayne County United Soccer Club

Wayne County United Soccer Club

Association By-Laws







The name of this organization shall be the Wayne County United Soccer Club (hereinafter referred to as the Association).  The Association shall be affiliated branch of the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association

(NCYSA) and the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), and shall comply with the authority of said organizations, where applicable.




The purpose of the Association shall be to foster good sportsmanship and enhance the promotion, education, training, participation and enjoyment of the sport of soccer.




The territory in which this Association conducts its activities shall be Wayne County, North Carolina and nearby counties, but it may extend its activities to other neighboring areas where it can be of service.  The official colors of the Association shall be Orange and White.


Section 1:        Team Uniforms


Part A:     Those teams playing in Classic and Challenge leagues must wear uniforms containing the official colors of orange and white, although each team in its discretion may choose variations of the color theme.  Recreational teams will be assigned team colors by Recreation Division Director or his/her designate.


Part B:     Those teams playing in Classic and Challenge leagues may not display the name of a specific sponsor or in any way advertise a business or specific product.  Recreational teams may display the name of a specific sponsor or advertise a business or specific product.


Part C:     If a team playing in the Classic or Challenge divisions plays in uniforms not displaying orange and white, the team shall be given a four month grace period to comply with the By-Laws of the Association.  They will not be permitted to play in the following sessions unless and until they comply with the color requirements. 


Section 2:     TEAM NAME


Part A     Teams playing in a Classic or Challenge league shall use the name of  WCUSC, unless the team has requested and received the approval of the Board of Directors prior to team registration for a particular season.  Requests for name change must be submitted in writing to the Board.


Part B     Teams playing in the recreational leagues shall be assigned names by the Recreational Division Director or his/her designate.



     The Association may affiliate with other soccer leagues, groups, associations or clubs, and may agree to be governed by and comply with the principles, rules and regulations promulgated by such organizations.  The Executive Board has the authority and power to bind the Association to such affiliations, subject to the review of the Board of Directors.



     The membership of this Association shall be composed of players, coaches, team managers, parents or legal guardians, referees, and other officials.  Membership shall be open to those who comply with the rules and regulations of the NCYSA, USYSA and this Association’s Constitution and By-Laws.  However, participation in a recreational league through and organization affiliated with the WCUSC does not qualify a person for membership on this Association.  Membership is open to any person who supports the purpose and goals of the WCUSC regardless of race, gender, religion, color, national origin or ability.



Section 1:            Team Membership


Part A:     To qualify as a player on a Classic or Challenge sponsored, a person must have a birthday within the seasonal year as defined by the NCYSA, or have a birthday later than the seasonal year.


  1. 1.  The seasonal year shall be defined as beginning after midnight August 1 of the present year and end at midnight July 31 of the following year or in a manner consistent with state determination.


2.  Persons must provide satisfactory proof of age, as specified in the NCYSA Rules and Regulations.


3.  Persons must be selected on the basis of publicized open tryouts, which will be held at least once annually at a time scheduled by the coach of the respective team. A coach may add players throughout the course of the season as deemed necessary.


4.  Persons must submit a properly completed NCYSA youth amateur player registration form, which shall be used to register him/her with this Association, with the NCYSA and with the USYSA.


  1. Persons must pay a player registration fee established annually by the Association.


Part B:  Once selected, a player remains a member of a team until the end of  the seasonal year, except as provided by the NCYSA Rules and Regulations. Effective the beginning of the next seasonal year, if selected, the person must newly register with Association and must  meet the re-registration standards established by the Association, the NCYSA and the USYSA.


Part C:  When a person becomes a team member his/her parents automatically become voting members of the Association.  Each family is entitled to one vote on any particular issue before the Association.


Part D:  To qualify as a player on a recreational team sponsored by the Association or an organization affiliated with the Association, a person must meet the age and other requirements as set out for such Recreational league.


Section 2:   Voting Members


To qualify as a voting member of this Association, a person must be nineteen (19) years old or older and:


Part A:     Submit a properly completed membership application and pay an annual membership fee established by the Association;  


Part B:      or, be the parent or legal guardian of a current team member, in which case the membership fee is covered by the player registration fee; 


Part C:      or, be the head coach of a team, if said person does not have a child registered with the Association; 


Part D:      or, be an assistant coach of a team, if said person does not have a child registered with the Association.  Only one assistant coach per team may qualify under this provision.


A person who maintains continuous voting membership in the Association re-establishes that membership annually by paying the membership fee by the deadline established by the Association.


Section 3:  Participation by a child in a recreational league through an affiliated organization does not qualify a person to become a member of the Association except by paying an annual membership fee as stated above in Section 2, Part A.


Section 4:  The Board of Directors shall annually set the annual membership fee.



The Association shall be governed by its Constitution, By-Laws and Regulations, except when those provisions are superseded by the governing authority of organizations with whom this Association is affiliated.


Section 1:  Officers and Duties


Part A: The officers of the Association shall be:  the President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and immediate Past President. These officers shall constitute the Executive Board, which is authorized to handle the day-to-day affairs of the Association, including decisions regarding the affiliation of the Association with other organizations for the furtherance of the purposes of the Association as set out in Article II. These officers shall be elected as set forth below.


Part B: Duties of the Officers


1. The President shall conduct all meetings of the Executive Board, Board of Directors, annual general meetings, and special meetings of the voting membership, and shall cast a vote only in the case of a tie. The President shall appoint committees and respective chair-persons at the beginning of each seasonal year.


2. The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, preside at meetings and shall assume the duties of the President should any crisis develop which needs attention.


3. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings, handle all correspondence, give notice of meetings, and maintain the files of the Association. The Secretary shall be responsible for the preparation of the Annual Report in sufficient detail to inform the general membership of activities accomplished, the outstanding business issues and committee reports.


4. The Treasurer shall give a receipt of all monies which shall be deposited in a account in the name of the Association, said account to be established in a recognized and reputable bank. The receipt book and vouchers shall be produced when required by the Board of Directors, properly balanced according to an up-to-date bank book or statement. The Treasurer shall be responsible for any and all papers necessary to maintain the Tax Exemption status of the Association.  The Treasurer shall file an annual report detailing all expenditures and income generated by the Association.  The Treasurer shall be bonded at the expense of the Association.


  1. The immediate Past President shall serve as the chairperson of the nominating committee, to be assembled each year to propose a slate of Association officers.




Part A:     This Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors which is to be composed of the President, who also serves as the Chairman of the Board, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Registrations Director, the Coaches Coordinator, the Referee Coordinator, the Association State Representative, the immediate Past President, the Field Coordinator, the Risk Management Coordinator, the Parent Coordinator, the Recreation Coordinator and such representatives of affiliate organizations as the Board of Directors feels are necessary to the operation of the Association.  The Executive Board, consisting of the Officers of the Association, is empowered to make decisions regarding the day-to-day operation of the Association, subject to the authority of the Board of Directors to review such decisions.  Each Classic and Challenge team may appoint a representative to the Board of Directors, but such representative shall not be a voting member and shall not have any power or authority other than to present the viewpoints of said team and to report to the team the actions of the Board of Directors.


Part B:     The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall not simultaneously coach a classic team sponsored by the Association.  In the event that an active coach becomes incapacitated or otherwise unable to fulfill his or her coaching duties, then and only then may an officer of the Association temporarily fill a coaching position.  However, this provision does not prohibit an officer from coaching a challenge or recreational team sponsored by the Association. However, this provision does not prohibit an officer from coaching a recreational team organized through an organization affiliated with the Association.

Part C: All matters concerning the policies of this Association shall be decided by a vote of the Board of Directors, and no motion shall be decided by a vote of the Board of Directors, and no motion shall be carried without 1) a majority of the Board of Directors present at the meeting or 2) a majority of the Board of Directors at a duly constituted meeting unless noted otherwise in this document.  This provision does not prohibit the President of the Association from contacting members of the Board either by telephone, letter, or electronic means to obtain the votes of members on an issue, so long as each member of the Board receives identical information regarding the issue.

Part D: Requirements of Board members shall be as followed: All appointed positions shall serve a two (2) year term, attend at least nine (9) board meetings not missing two (2) consecutively. If two (2) consecutive meetings are missed then the remaining members may reappoint that position.




Part A:     The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected as each annual general meeting of the Association by a majority vote of the general membership in attendance at the general meeting.  Although the general election is normally held in early May, incumbency of the newly elected officers shall begin June 1 and end May 31 of the following calendar year.


Part B:     Each Officer and Director shall serve until their successors are duly elected or appointed, but shall be eligible for re-election or re-appointment.  They may serve as often as they are duly re-elected or re-appointed.


Part C:     If any elected Official shall, by reason of death, resignation or other reason, cease to be an active member of the Board, the office shall become vacant and it shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to appoint a successor by a majority vote for the unexpired term within thirty(30) days.


Part D:     Any director, officer or member may be removed by a three-fifths vote of those directors present at a regularly scheduled Board Meeting or at a special meeting held for the express purpose of removing and/or expelling any officer, director or member of the Association.  A majority of the members of the Board must be present.  Grounds for removal shall be conduct unbecoming to the aims and purposes of this Association.  The President or Secretary shall give all Board members seven (7) days for disciplinary action.




Section 1:  An annual general meeting of the membership shall be held at least once a year prior to May 31.


Section 2:  Notification of the annual general meeting shall be made to the membership at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting date.  Said notice may be made by publication of a meeting notice in a local newspaper or general distribution.


Section 3:  Members in attendance at a meeting of the Association, proper notification of said meeting having been made, shall constitute a quorum.  A vote by the majority of members present shall be sufficient to carry any motion.


Section 4:  Special meetings of the membership may be called at any time by the Board of Directors, Executive Board, or by a majority of the coaches of the teams then participating in the Association.  Teams organized under the auspices of affiliated organizations are not included in the provision.  The parties calling the meeting must give fifteen days (15) notice as set out in Section 2 above.


Section 5:  The official means of communication between the Board and the membership of the Association shall be through a newsletter which is prepared by the Board and circulated to all members on an “as needed”  basis during the season or by notification in the News-Argus.  The Board may establish a web site and use such web site as the official method of communication to those members who provide an internet address to the Association.  Notices of meetings, nominations, rules and other Association business will be provided in the newsletter.





Section 1:  The authorities for all matter dealing with the actual playing of the game of soccer shall reside in three (3) councils:  Recreation, Challenge and Classic.


Section 2:  Each council shall have as its members the appropriate Council Director as the presiding officer and appointed representatives from the WCUSC membership.  The Director shall represent the WCUSC at NCYSA council meetings.


Section 3:  The Duties and limitations of the Councils are as follows:  The WCUSC Board of Directors, as the overall association governing authority shall oversee all matters of the playing divisions and shall, as appropriate, ratify or repeal any decision made by the Councils.  The authority of each Council must be limited to its defined area of responsibility.  Any matter which comes before a Council, and impacts the area of responsibility of another council or of an administrative area outside its direct responsibility, shall be presented to the WCUSC Board of Directors as appropriate for consideration and action.


Section 4:  Each Council shall call meetings that are required to conduct the business of the Playing Division.


Section 5:  A quorum at all meetings of a Council shall consist of the respective Council Director and ten percent (10%) of all appointed members.


Section 6:  Minutes of any meeting shall be recorded, published and distributed to all appointed Council members and Officers of WCUSC no less than thirty (30) days after the meeting.




Section 1:  Coaches and Assistant Coaches of Classic and Challenge teams sponsored by the Association shall be approved by the Board of Directors and shall serve at the discretion of the Board.  Coaches and Assistant Coaches of recreational teams playing under the auspices of affiliated organizations must meet the requirements of the affiliated organization but do not have to be approved by the Association.


Section 2:  Coaches and Assistant Coaches of Classic and Challenge teams sponsored by the Association must be members of the Association.  They must meet all membership criteria, except that payment of the membership fee will be waived for the period they are actively coaching.


Section 3:  Each Classic and Challenge team shall have one Head Coach and at least one Assistant Coach.  Each Head Coach is to be licensed by an accredited association that is recognized by the NCYSA and USYSA.  The initial license requirement can be waived for a period not to exceed one year by the Executive Board.  After a one year grace period, every head coach shall have an “E” level coaching certificate.


Section 4:  All coaches shall be bound by the letter and spirit of the laws of the game of soccer and the rules of good sportsmanship.  Failure to act accordingly shall subject the coach to dismissal, suspension or other discipline by the Board.  If a coach is the coach of a recreational team sponsored by an affiliated organization, the Executive Board shall work with said affiliated organization to address any problems under this section.


Section 5:  The parents or legal guardians of players of a Classic or Challenge team have the authority to remove a coach from his/her coaching position.  Such action may be taken at any time by a three-fourths vote of all voting members of that respective team, said vote having to be made while physically present at a designated team meeting.  Minutes must be taken of the meeting and must record the vote.  Those calling the team meeting must give notice to all parties, including coaches and the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors must be informed prior to such action and the reason for it.




At any meeting of the Executive Board or Board of Directors, the President may appoint committees which in his or her judgment are deemed necessary to conduct the business of the Association.  Other members may be asked to serve but not hold office or be entitled to a vote on the Executive Board of Directors.  Committee reports shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Association or at other meetings as deemed appropriate by the President and Board.




Section 1:  The purpose to this section is to discourage favoritism among teams and to equalize the benefits of the Association.


Part A:     The Wayne County United Soccer Club (WCUSC) is a non-profit organization deriving funds from registration fees, contributions and special fund raising projects.  The Association shall have FDIC insured checking account at a bank.  The Association shall be audited or reviewed annually as determined by the Board.  The Treasurer of the Association shall make a report at the annual general meeting on the finances of the Association.  All officers and Directors of the Association shall serve without pay.


Part B:     Registration fees shall be established by the Board of Directors on a seasonal basis and prior to seasonal registration dates.  These fees are to be used for expenses incurred in the operation of the teams and programs sponsored by the Association.


Part C:     The Board of Directors shall decide all matters pertaining to the finances of the Association.  The Board of Directors shall specifically direct the expenditures of all income in a manner that will give no individual or team an advantage over another.


Part D:     All income obtained from general sponsors and Association sponsored fund raising activities shall be turned over to the Treasurer for deposit in the Association’s account within three (3) business days of receipt.  A general sponsor shall be defined as a business or individual having no personal involvement with a specific team in this Association.


Part E:     The President shall not permit the contribution of funds to individuals.  Solicitation for contributions of funds shall be for the common treasury of the Association.  The Association shall make a reasonable effort to recognize such contributors, if desired.


Part F:     The Association shall be empowered to participate in fundraising activities appropriate to the purposes stated in Article II above.


Section 2:  Individual teams may undertake fund raising activities to allow that specific team to jointly undertake selected activities, such as camp, uniforms, equipment, etc., to facilitate the operation of the program or for the purpose of soccer development within the state.



     This Constitution and By-laws or any section or subsection thereof may be amended, replaced or repealed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors present at any duly constituted meeting, including the annual general meeting.  Any proposed changes shall first be distributed to the Board of Directors for their review and comment not less than fifteen (15) days prior to vote on said changes.




     All activities of this Association will be discontinued or dissolved as recommended by the Board of Directors, and approved by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at a duly constituted meeting.  In the event that the Association is dissolved, any and all monies then on hand shall be donated to other organizations of a like nature for the benefit of youth soccer as the then existing Board of Directors shall determine.


-Draft of proposed changes to Bylaws, submitted 9 May 2001, with changes, 5 June 2001, Joyce Keller


-Properly proposed and voted changes added and updated 27 June, 2010, then again 3-20-11 for name and color changes,

Submitted 4-10-11: Adam Livengood                  


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