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Wayne County United Soccer Club

Parent Agreement


                   I/We, (please print) _____________________________________________, the parent/guardian(s) of

__________________________, who plays for the ____U WCUSC Team, agree to the following code of conduct:

·       I will respect the opposing team and its players and will not engage in any disrespectful conduct.

·       I will respect the Referees and will not challenge or show dissent with their officiating.

·       I will not shout instructions to my child during practices and/or games. 

·       As a parent, I will not engage in any activity that encourages unsporting behavior by myself or my child.

·       As a parent, I will recognize and respect that the Coach will use his/her extensive experience to best develop each player and the team as a whole. This may sometimes be given greater priority over winning. 

·       I will encourage my child to talk with his/her coach about playing difficulties or missing practices/matches. 

·       I will fulfill my financial commitments as outlined by the Fee Schedule provided by WCUSC, in a timely manner, and understand that NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. 

·       I will support the Coach’s efforts to provide a proper training environment for my child. 

·       I will inform the Coach of any physical disability and ailment that may affect the safety of my child and/or others. 

·       I agree to abide by the “24 HOUR RULE”, which grants a 24-hour grace period before addressing any concerns about my child and/or any coaching decisions about said match. 

·       I will not publicly discuss any concerns/problems/decisions made by Coaches/Directors in front of WCUSC players. 

·       I understand that a high level of dedication is required, and players are expected to attend practices on a regular basis.  Coaches may schedule practices three times each week and teams can play matches on both Saturdays and Sundays during the season.

If I violate any of the above provisions, I understand that the following guidelines are used to establish the maximum punishment that can be levied by WCUSC:

·       Disrespect to an opposing player – 1 game suspension

·       Ejection from a game (first offense*) – 1 game suspension

·       Ejection from a game (second offense*) – 1 season suspension

·       Ejection from a game (third offense*) – Lifetime suspension from WCUSC

·       Verbal abuse/hostile challenge of a Referee/Coach/Player – 1 year suspension

·       Physical assault of Referee/Coach/Player – Lifetime suspension from WCUSC

The WCUSC, in its discretion, may hold a hearing to determine punishment different from the above guidelines. Further, I understand that the above guidelines do not exclude discipline by the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA). I understand that the Rules established by the NCYSA apply and supersede the Rules and any punishment for inappropriate play and behavior established by WCUSC.  *Offenses are tracked over a One (1) Seasonal Year period. **Un-served NCYSA suspensions or discipline penalties carry forward.

In the case of a parent’s ejection, the parent must leave the park/facility (out of sight and sound) in which the field is located and cannot return until 1 hour after his/her child’s team ‘s next match. If the parent does return before this time, an additional 2 game suspension may be incurred. 

By signing this form, I acknowledge that I have read the Rules and Policies of the Wayne County United Soccer Club. I agree to abide by those Rules and Policies including any fines and penalties. I consent and agree that WCUSC has the right to take photographs and video of my child during the course of the season. 

Signature 1: ____________________________________________                  Date: _____________________

Signature 2:____________________________________________                  Date: _____________________

**As part of our on-going player development throughout our club, this year we will have WCUSC Soccer Camp. This will be a mandatoryteam camp and will enable our coaching staff to continuously work with our players, and develop each team together.  For those unable to make the camps, a fee of $100 will be added to the regular season fee.  The camps will be for our academy through U16s. The U17 and older players with college aspirations should be attending college ID camps. CAMP DATES TO BE DETERMINED

Failure to meet financial obligations:

•                 The Association reserves the right to collect the validated player pass belonging to players who have neglected financial obligations to either the WCUSC or the individual team. Future play will be prohibited until financial obligations are resolved or a plan of action is implemented.

•                 Players who leave teams (i.e. quit) prior to the end of the seasonal year (typically May) are still be obligated to pay any remaining WCUSC installments & team fees. WCUSC Board approval is required to override this requirement.

•                 Any outstanding debt to the WCUSC or an individual team must be resolved prior to being carded with a WCUSC