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Wayne County United Soccer Club

Player Agreement


I, _________________________, have tried out and accepted a place on a Wayne County


United Soccer Clubs U___ Team and I agree to the following code of conduct:

  • I will respect the opposing team and its players and will not engage in any disrespectful conduct.
  • I will respect the referees and will not challenge or show dissent with their officiating.
  • As a player I will not engage in any activity that encourages unsporting behavior.
  • As a player of WCUSC I will maintain proper conduct when in public and abstain from any in appropriate behavior as defined by the WCUSC.

If I violate any of the above provisions, I understand that the following guidelines are

used to establish the maximum punishment that can be levied by the WCUSC:

  • Disrespect to an opposing player – 1 game suspension
  • Ejection from a game (first offense*) – 1 game suspension
  • Ejection from a game (second offense*) – 1 season suspension
  • Ejection from a game (third offense*) – Lifetime suspension from WCUSC
  • Verbal assault/hostile challenge of a referee/coach/player – 1 year suspension
  • Physical assault of referee/coach/player – Lifetime suspension from participation


The WCUSC, in its discretion, may hold a hearing to determine punishment different from the above guidelines. Further, I understand that the above guidelines do not exclude discipline by the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA).  I understand that the Rules established by the NCYSA apply and supersede the Rules and any punishment for inappropriate play and behavior established by WCUSC. 

By signing this form, I acknowledge that I have read the Rules and Policies of the Wayne County United Soccer Club. I agree to abide by those Rules and Policies including any fines and penalties.

Signature: _________________________________ Date: _________________

Player Contact Info:

Cell:_________________ Text: yes no Email:________________________

  • Offenses are tracked over a 1 seasonal year period.
  • Un-served NCYSA suspensions or discipline carry forward.

Revised June, 2013